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  • Over a million self employed freelancers have gone into debt since the pandemic began due to late payment. This startling revelation was detailed in a report released by the IPSE (The association of independent professionals and the self employed) along with digital bank starling. Research was undertaken by the parties to assess the major impact […]
  • A council mistakenly sent more than 1,600 “alarming” debt collection letters to allotment holders. Sheffield Council said the error happened because it employed a debt recovery agency to help with a backlog of fines on hold since March. It admitted the plan backfired after people were panicked by the debt agency headed letters. Councillor Terry […]
  • We are all familiar with the term No win no fee debt collection or free debt collection but what is the real story here. Seemingly free debt collection services are not always the way to go as it could cost you a lot more than you think. The UK is in the latter end of […]
  • Delayed payments continue to plague suppliers, particularly Small Businesses, and unfortunately, the global pandemic has only worsened this pain point. This week’s B2B Data Digest looks at the latest stats in the fight against late payments, and finds several instances in which the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the late payments problem. 25 companies surveyed in […]
  • 1 in 6 Small Business invoices is being paid late according to latest findings in a report conducted by a Business banking company across the UK. ‘Tide’ commissioned YouGov to survey small business decision makers, including sole traders, to discover their payment terms, how often they experience late payments, and the actual duration before invoices […]
  • The new chief of the Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning to banks and commercial lenders this week. The warning shot was issued over the way that banks intend to treat small businesses when recovering state backed loans issued during the pandemic. UK Commercial lenders have given over £40 billion of finance to Small Businesses […]
  • Frontline NHS nurses helping the fight against Coronavirus are being “hounded” by bailiffs for hospital car parking fees according to reports in the Daily Mirror. DCBL (Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd) feature in Channel 5’s bailiff show ‘Can’t pay? We’ll take it away‘ and have been chasing nurses for unpaid fines for hospital parking. Their sister […]
  • Prominent members of the Saudi Arabian royal family are being sued by British entrepreneur Gary Arnold. The Debt Recovery Action relates to their alleged failure to honour a deal that has left him facing imprisonment in Dubai. Mr Arnold was arrested this week in Dubai on charges of ‘unpaid debts’ which he blames on the […]
  • Tennis legend Boris Becker has appeared in court  at Southwark Crown Court in London, accused of failing to hand over his trophies to help clear unpaid debts. Becker had been declared as bankrupt in 2017 due to a large debt owing to a bank. He is accused of failing to comply with obligations of disclosing […]

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