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Global Debt Collection

Global Debt Recovery – International Debt

We will recommend the very best professional and effective commercial debt collection agencies. Recover your money whilst eliminating the risk of compromising future business opportunities.

global debt collection

Finding The Best International Debt Recovery

Recovering debt from overseas can seem like a particularly daunting prospect to those who need to collect the monies themselves. This can often lead to a lot of unnecessarily wasted time resulting from learning how to recover this debt.

The UK Debt Collection Bureau works with the nation’s leaders of international and global debt recovery. As such, using their services can result in a debt owed from overseas being recovered in the most expeditious and cost-effective way.

International Debt Collection Statistics

Our members are experts in B2B debt recovery, and as such represent the best in professional debt recovery.


Since 2004, our partners have provided award-winning debt recovery solutions to the UK

Low Cost

The amount our partners have recovered on behalf of local, national and international businesses.


Our members consistantly achieve up to a 90% average recovery rate on undisputed business debts

Why Instruct A Global Debt Collection Agency?

There are many benefits to outsourcing the collection of a debt. The members of the UK Debt Collection Agency are amongst the leading global recovery companies in the UK.

A specialist international debt collection agency is the best choice to collect money owed from overseas. Our members have global networks of international debt collection partners who are experts at recovery in every nation.

Instructing an agency such as this means that you are opting to use the most cost-effective measures possible, eliminating the time and financial strain on your business required to collect the debt independently.

Sectors That Our Members Can Help

Whilst every sector can benefit from a commercial debt recovery agency, here are some of the more prominent areas the majority of client bases are comprised of.

Small Businesses

Manufacturing and Distribution

Telecoms Firms

Recruitment Agencies

Financial Services Companies

Trade Associations

Media Companies

Government Agencies

Law Firms


Sports Organisations

Marketing Companies

Global Debt Collection Agency Effectivness

Our global debt collection partners collect on average 90% of undisputed debts.

The UK Debt Collection News regularly reports on how global debt is upheld by UK courts, and international debt recovery agencies have a leading in helping to recover these monies.

Many debt collection agencies will lock clients into a subscription-based service, with many hidden costs which are not always made clear at the beginning of the agreement.

The UK Debt Collection Bureau only chooses members which operate using clear, professional and transparent ideals. The benefit of this being the exact cost of the debt is made clear to every client, making it easier to make an informed decision.

As well as this, our members are more effective than the competition, helping you recover the maximum amount of your debt.

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