Can a Foreign Debt be Collected in UK?

Can a Foreign Debt be Collected in UK

Being owed money from someone in another country is a common occurrence. Both businesses and private individuals can deal on a global scale at the press of a button. Whilst this opens up huge opportunities, it also provides a huge potential for cross border debts to occur.

Many debtors think that if they are based in another country, they are completely free from any prosecution. Whilst they themselves may not be required to return to the UK physically, debt collection can still be enforced remotely.

There is a growing need for an effective international debt collection service. Whilst many options exist, finding one that is trustworthy, reputable and effective is often a challenge.

Recovering a foreign debt can be more complex than normal domestic cases.

For example, simple factors such as the native language of the debtor’s country might need to be taken into account. Or, the time zone might be completely different, making it difficult to contact during UK working hours.

As well as this, there may be cultural differences that have to be observed. This also includes the knowledge and expertise required. For example, it is important to know the exact laws the debtor’s country has for recovering owed money.

Can A Foreign Debt Be Collected In UK?

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Can a Foreign Debt be Collected in UK – Recovering Owed Money

Finding the right solution for international debt collection takes time and thorough research. Here are some tips that will help you to narrow the search.


One important factor to consider when looking for an international debt collector is their expertise. Collecting debt from another country requires in-depth knowledge and specialist expertise.


You should always research the debt collector you are looking at instructing before committing. Look for client reviews on third-party websites that will provide detailed insights into the company.

Accreditation and Approval

Many agencies are not regulated, and as such may employ debt recovery tactics that could cause problems for the client. You should always search for an agency that is authorised and regulated by an official organisation. One example of this could be the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Some key areas of debt collection in the UK are focused on the country’s export partners. Several examples of these include:

Can A Foreign Debt Be Collected In UK?

Our team of Debt Collection Experts are happy to help with your enquiries.

Can a Foreign Debt be Collected in UK – Frequently Asked Questions

Can EU debt be enforced in the UK?

Yes. If a debt can be recovered, a skilled debt collection agency will do so. The country of origin can be different to the nation where the debtor currently resides.

Can debt collectors follow you to another country UK?

Many debtors believe that moving to another country will magically erase all their debt. This is simply not true, and a skilled debt collector can enforce collection regardless of the debtor’s location.

What Can I do About Debts Abroad?

An international debt collection agency can enforce the collection of overseas debt. Using a specialist agency is the best option for recovering foreign debt.

How much does it cost to recover a foreign debt?

Each case of debt recovery is priced according to its own unique circumstances. In order to get an accurate cost, it is best to speak with a professional debt collection agency.

Can a private debt be collected from overseas?

Yes, international debt collection agencies specialise in recovering business and private debts alike.

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